5 Logo Design Elements You Should Know When Using Logo Maker Generator

If you follow the tech industry, you must have noticed that there is a sharp increase in tech companies. And this has increased the need for business owners to seek brand identity to stand out from the rest. The need for brand identity has, in turn, seen the upsurge of graphic design companies and professionals. These companies use logos as the main differentiating factor and to attract as many customers as possible to their brand. If a logo is attractive to the eye and compelling, it has the greatest possibilities of attracting more customers. However, logo designers tend to use the same elements to create logos, only that they inject a little bit of their own creativity to make them unique. Here are the 5 designs elements commonly used to make logos:

Colors are predominantly used when creating logos using paid and free online logo maker and download software

Brands choose colors carefully to create their logos. The colors they choose must reflect their businesses. Colors such as blue, red, green and silver are predominantly used to separate brands from each other. The reason these colors are loved is that they are bright and induce confidence. An experienced logo designer knows about color psychology and how to mix two different colors to make a logo stand out from the crowd.

Fonts play a significant role when designing logos using logo maker generator

Fonts have evolved over time. In the past, sophisticated fonts ruled the logo making world. Today, it’s about simplicity and creativity. Big, bold and aligned fonts are the most preferred by logo designers. Fonts increase the visibility of any logo and company.

Icons are important when creating logos with paid or free logo download software

Icons are important for logo design. They help people understand and interpret information easily. The most important benefit an icon can bring to your logo is to help draw customers to your business. The adage, a picture is worth a thousand words is true here.’’ Icons are like pictures, and so business websites without icons in their logos may not be able to motivate customers to go deep into the website to check out products or services offered. And this could cost you conversions. Professional logo designers use their creative minds to design icons that help separate businesses from their competition. Icons are designed or chosen depending on the nature of the business.

Scalability is an important aspect when designing a logo using free logo maker software

With technology moving at the speed of light, it’s quite difficult to design a logo that stands the test of time. That’s why business owners or designers choose scalable logos that can be adjusted when the need arises, instead of creating a completely new logo. A scalable logo will not only save the business owner time, but also money that could go into creating a completely new logo that conforms with time.

Packaging is an important element when creating a logo with free logo download software

Packaging a logo entails deciding how you want your text and icons to appear next to one another. Packaging will determine the overall shape of your logo. There are many options when you’re packaging your logo. It all depends on your creativity. You can design an icon with text below it and vice versa, you can break two words with an icon, or have an icon-only or text-only logo


So if you’re thinking of creating a logo or hiring a designer to do so, make sure the elements discussed above are implemented. They are vital to designing a quality, impactful and memorable logo that could take your brand to the next level.