It easy to look at a company’s logo and marvel at the creativity employed in making it. There is a lot that goes into making an eye-catching and compelling logo. One of the most critical components is logomark style. Knowing the logomark style you want to use upfront can save you a ton of time you could have wasted brainstorming logo designs. Even a logo design company will want to know which logomark style you want before they can start to design your logo. If you want to know the different logomark styles that you can use when designing your logo with logo maker generator, read on:

Emblems are common logomark styles in free logo download software

Emblems have a lot in common with badges and coat of arms. They share almost all their features. That means when you look at a logo with an emblem, it will remind you of the classic look of a badge or coat of arm. While the decorative crests and shields on an emblem have a vintage look, designers have a way to twist them to make them appealing to the modern customer.

You will find mascots when you use free logo maker software to create your logo

Typical examples of logos that have Mascots include KFC, Mr. Clean, Wendy’s and Pringles. A mascot is simply a character that is used as the face of the brand. A mascot accords your logo similar voice and personality as your business.

Abstract marks can be found in free logo maker generators

Some logos utilize geometric shapes to create an icon. These fall under abstract marks. You can find abstract marks on logos like Reuters and Mitsubishi. They are characteristically simple, and anyone who views them might likely not forget them.

Pictorial marks are also found in free logo maker generators

Pictorial style logos typical use pictures. Brands use pictorial stamps to convey their brand’s personality. Examples of brands that use pictorial style logo include Instagram, Java, and Apple. As they say, ‘’ a picture speaks a thousand words”, pictorial marks can help grow your brand quickly because people resonate with images more than anything else.


Knowing the logo mark style up front will massively reduce the time to search for one. The first thing you need to ask yourself when designing a logo for your business is the impression customers will get from it. Is it innovation, creativity, reliability, tradition or joy? Once you figure that out, you can strike out logo mark styles that don’t synchronize with your brand from your list.