Most business people who don’t know the value of a logo think that a logo is a logo. That’s not exactly true. A logo involves careful selection of colors and fonts. And it goes beyond that. Layout style can customize it. There are numerous options when it comes to choosing a logo style. But first, you should know what they are, the specific ones to consider, and the best one for your brand. However, this post centers on the different kinds of logos you can create using free log maker software.

  • You can make Lettermark/Initial logos with free logo maker software

Lettermark/initial logos consist of a few letters. The letters are typically a business or company’s initials. You don’t have to use many letters. Just a few would do. With this kind of logo, you can use just a few letters to simplify a business or company with a long name.

  • Text-only logos are common with free logo download software these days

As the name suggests, text-only logos make use of the letters of your business or company name. With many businesses focusing on simple logos, text-only logos are increasingly becoming popular. These days, new small and established brands utilize text-only images on their logo.

  • You can create symbol/icon logos with free online logo maker and download software

This kind of logo utilizes an icon or symbol to identify a brand. A symbol/ icon logo can use an abstract symbol, a photographed image or a hand-drawn icon. If your brand can be represented with a single concept, or if you have an entirely defined brand vision, then you should consider using a symbol/icon logo.

  • You can create emblems or badge logos with a free logo maker generator

While these are old-school logos, they are still impactful today. This kind of logo encompasses text that is placed inside a shape or symbol. Due to their traditional look, they are common with learning institutions, government agencies, and organizations. If your business or company has a shorter name, you can use this kind of logo since they are characteristically detailed. Also, you can opt for this kind of logo if you need a versatile, current and highly unique logo.


Even with these kinds of logos, there are many ways you can make a unique logo. You have to inject your creativity and combine it with these logo styles. Knowing the different kinds of logos will also let you chose one that synchronizes with your industry.

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